We do maintenance

Regardless of the style, type or the complexity of your wastewater system it will have its ‘maintenance requirements’.

Septic systems tend to have issues when left too long without maintenance. Pumping the tank is not the only maintenance requirement - or even the most important one for that matter! Tanks are sometimes pumped when they might not have even needed it - while other important tasks go undone.

A properly designed, installed and MAINTAINED system will often last your lifetime!

Maintenance tasks on your system may include but are not limited to:

  • Checking the solids accumulation in your tanks & pumping only as required

  • Cleaning filters

  • Flushing laterals

  • Testing pressures

  • Monitoring flows

The basic intent of a maintenance visit is to do the necessary tasks required to help the system perform in the manner intended by its design.

Standard with modern systems, maintenance & monitoring every couple of years or so is not only a good idea but mandatory by law. For systems built before 2005 it is not a legal requirement but strongly recommended, in fact, if caught in time, we can often extend the life of a system by an estimated 50%, just by doing simple maintenance every so often.

Does your system have a maintenance plan?  Every system should have a PLAN that outlines the tasks and approximate frequencies of its maintenance with the intent of helping the system perform as intended for a long time.

Every system is unique 

We look after many different system types/design methods. Our SepFit list has hundreds of systems ranging from residential to commercial,  single family to Strata, type 1 conventional systems to type 3 drip dispersal. Tasks often include but are not limited to:

  • Checking/recording solids accumulation in the tank(s) with a sludge judge to gauge when a pump out should be done.

  • Cleaning filter(s).

  • Cleaning dispersal pipes of sludge, roots or debris.

  • Equalizing flows. 

  • Recording data (if you have a data logging panel).

  • Checking/recording pressures.

  • Etc..... if you have one, take a look at your maintenance plan for a detailed list of tasks required for your unique system.

After each visit, we email our clients a detailed report listing what was done, how things are functioning and an estimated pump out projection. We keep your report & all other system records in a safe place for easy retrieval; we can re-send them to you at anytime in the future, free of charge. We will not share your report with anyone except you without your permission.


'SepFit List'

Our list of homeowners who have asked for ongoing maintenance and monitoring has grown over the years. In 2016 we developed what we call our 'SepFit list' where we send email reminders at approximate maintenance intervals. Our SepFit list clients have peace of mind that their system is being looked after and has its best chance of continuing to function to its full potential lifespan.

Systems that qualify for our SepFit list meet the below criteria:

  1. As a baseline, the system is functioning substantially as intended by its design. This might initially be determined by a maintenance assessment.

  2. The system has its key components accessible (lids at grade).

  3. A SepFit maintenance plan has been created for the system. This is a semi-prescriptive plan that lists the task required and approximate intervals. This is a living document that may be evolved as the system ages at the discretion of an honest and qualified maintenance person.  

Systems that meet the above three points, find their way onto our SepFit list a number of different ways:

  • We might have done an inspection then some restoration on the system bringing it substantially on line to function as intended.

  • The system might have been designed/installed by us and was set up correctly from the beginning.

  • Many other system designer/installers do not do maintenance; they increasingly recommend SepFit to their clients for ongoing maintenance & monitoring/system longevity.